Advanced Sprint Analysis

Cost: $250
Duration: 90min

Speed in sports is not simply a matter of how fast you can run in a straight line. Our state of the art analysis is designed to analyze and improve sports performance speed, acceleration, reactivity, power, agility and more.

To perform at your best, you need to have a firm understanding of your body. MVP’s Advanced Sprint Analysis & Sports Performance Evaluation provides a complete analysis of each athlete’s overall athleticism. We will take a comprehensive look at the initial baseline numbers and then devise a customized training plan to fit the athlete’s needs. As the athlete progresses through their training cycle, we will complete a retest at the 12-week mark, to assess improvements in the baseline. With this statistical approach, both the coach and athlete have the information necessary to improve athletic performance and avoid injury.

Sprint Analysis 2

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is a Sprint Technical Analysis & Sports Performance Evaluation necessary?
  • What is the application of teaching track and field sprinting technique to non-T&F athletes?
  • Why should we train maximum speed when our athletes never reach maximum speed in a game?
  • Even if i thought speed was important, how do i schedule speed session with my private coach, into my already full team practices for my specific sport?
  • Why should we run in a straight line, when all of our running is multi-directional?
  • Sprint Speed is different from game speed-so why should we train in a isolated way, when we get enough specific work in normal game practice?

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