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The quality and effectiveness of any fitness program is only as great as the instructors that stand behind it. At MVP Fitness, our strength is anchored on the fundamental belief that everyone is a champion and can train like one with the right attitude. We believe, that with the right training, the right guidance and with the right resources, everyone can achieve maximum results.

Our Fitness program is run by 3-Time Olympian and world Champion Sanjay Ayre, a certified personal trainers who has accomplished his own goals by principles that he will teach in his programs.

Our Fitness programs integrate specific training methods that are systematically designed and scientifically proven to get you results. Our programs utilize powerful tools that can jumpstart your training journey or get you out of plateaus, and take your training to another level. Millions of dollars have been spent researching these tools not offered at any other boot camp in this area. Our programs provide the most effective and efficient training at an individualized level, to maximize results. That is what training like a champion is all about.

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Sanjay Ayre